San Diego, Calif.

The stated goal of Condemned Records is to release "serious Nationalist Skinhead music." Condemned Records publishes its own hate-rock magazine, featuring interviews with popular movement bands that are then posted on the label's Web site. Past issues have included interviews with Bound for Glory, Definite Hate and Murder Squad.

Condemned also sends out a newsletter via E-mail to update its customers on new CD releases and to promote hate-music concerts. One recent issue of this newsletter issued a call for hate-rock owner labels to stop squabbling. "It's our policy to promote all shows that we hear about, we promote all records that we hear about, and we link to who ever wants to share links with us. Aryans banded together to survive ice ages, well it's been getting pretty cold lately!"

In addition to the band interviews and product catalog, the Condemned Records Web site links to another site called Free The Order, which pays homage to the 1980s white-power terrorist group that robbed armored trucks of $4.1 million and machine-gunned a Jewish radio host to death in preparation for race war.