Huntington, W.V.

On the front page of the Diehard Records Web site is the silhouette of a man menacingly holding a baseball bat. It is a fitting symbol for the label and the music it sells. This distributor, whose motto is the "best in white power skinhead music," offers a large catalog of racist CDs and even DVDs, such as one titled "Hooligans & Thugs ... Soccers [sic] Most Violent Fans."

While not as large as most other distributors in the movement, Diehard has carved out its own niche in the movement by selling rare records from bands like Ethnic Cleansing and Youth Defense League.

It also hawks discs and vinyl records from popular hate bands like Brutal Attack and Johnny Rebel, performer of songs like "Nigger Hating Me" and "We Don't Want Niggers in our Schools."