Clifton, N.J.

Specializing in National Socialist Black Metal music, Elegy Records has become one of the biggest distributors of racist black metal. National Socialist Black Metal differs in sound and partly in message from the punk rock-derived "hatecore" or "Oi" hate rock that is more popular in the United States. While it contains anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi elements, NSBM bands typically advocate Odinism and other forms of neo-Paganism.

Elegy, which is operated by a man named Rob DiSiena, sells CDs from hate-metal bands like Nocturnal Fear, which the Web site describes as "crush war inspired old style death metal with remnants of '80s thrash!"

Elegy also sells music from the bands Maniac Butcher and Hate Forest and is supposed to be releasing an upcoming album from the black metal band Grom, whose lead singer is the manager of Unholy Records.

According to a recent newspaper article, DiSiena also sells product through Resistance Records. Resistance's CEO, Erich Gliebe, told The Record in New Jersey, "[DiSiena]'s not a major label, but he's got his own thing going."