Newark, Del.

Operated by Robert Huber, a member of the band Teardown as well as a doctoral candidate in physics at the University of Delaware, Final Stand Records sells the standard fare of hate CDs from bands like Bound for Glory and Platoon 14, and also financially backs hate music concerts.

Huber, who is a member of the "Skinhead Hall of Fame," recently taught an introductory physics course at his university, wearing a long-sleeved shirt to cover his racist tattoos. He co-organized Uprise 2006 with the Keystone State Skinheads. The event was heavily publicized by the National Socialist Movement, a strong sign of Huber's good standing with a variety of major hate groups.

Prior to Teardown, Huber was a guitar player for the hugely popular white-power band Blue Eyed Devils, along with his brother Ryan Huber, performing anthems like "Final Solution." Ryan Huber was the founder of the now defunct Tri-State Terror records, another white-power label.

In addition to marketing hate rock, Final Stand's Web site hosts a message board whose users are obsessive about minority players in the National Hockey League. The forum lists all non-white NHL players and links to their profiles on sports Web sites. "We don't like niggers here," explains white-power hockey fan "Dirty Chris."