Valdosta, Ga.

After Panzerfaust Records collapsed in early 2005, when racists discovered that Panzerfaust founder Anthony Pierpont's mother was Mexican and that he had bragged in E-mails about having sex with Asian prostitutes, Pierpont's partner Bryan Cecchini seized control of Panzerfaust's Web site. Cecchini redirected users to a new white-power music distribution site, Free Your Mind Productions. Since then, Cecchini, an aging Skinhead who goes by the alias Byron Calvert, has turned Free Your Mind Productions into a major force in white-power music, with the help of the Confederate Hammerskins.

Panzerfaust's former Webmaster, Tom Martin, now runs the Free Your Mind site and acts as a moderator on its message forums. Martin and Cecchini have gone to great lengths to disassociate themselves from Panzerfaust and the disgraced Pierpont. The FYMP site carries a bold declaration that any deals with Pierpont by anyone in the movement "should be looked at as an act of treason."