Lancaster, Ohio

Named after Ian Stuart Donaldson, the lead singer of Skrewdriver who died in a 1993 car accident, ISD Records was originally the music division of the British neo-Nazi Skinhead group Blood & Honour, which Donaldson founded. ISD Records is now based in the United States. It's operated by the Blood & Honour spin-off group Combat 18, which was originally aligned with Blood & Honour but then broke away after Donaldson's death. After the split, Combat 18 took control of the music division and renamed it ISD.

The label offers discs from some of the white power scene's most admired current bands, including a Blue Eyed Devils album containing the single, "Vandalize and Victimize," in addition to Skrewdriver albums considered classics by neo-Nazi thugs. The ISD Records Web site links directly to the Blood & Honour radio network, which streams hate music over the Internet. The site also offers free downloads of its previously released CDs to registered users.