Maple Shade, N.J.

The brainchild of Steve Wiegand, Micetrap Distribution has given white-power music devotees another outlet to purchase CDs, clothing and books since its creation in the late 1990s, despite Wiegand's own conflicts with other white supremacists.

Wiegand has battled with rival labels, organizations and Skinhead bands that have accused him of bootlegging music and videos and other shady business practices.

One accusation leveled against Wiegand came from Tom Martin, the Web operator for Free Your Mind Productions. Martin claims Wiegand bought the rights to the domain name Volksfront.net in a move to anger the Skinhead group of the same name.

Other white supremacists have claimed that Wiegand regularly hacks white-power Web sites. "Steve Weigand, AKA that piece of shit micecrap [sic] Distibution has highjacked [sic] the bloodandhonour.com website again," a mass E-mail sent out recently by Blood & Honour read.

Members of the now defunct hate band Blue Eyed Devils, which Final Stand Records operator Robert Huber used to play in, have also accused Wiegand of bootlegging their merchandise.

Wiegand's response to all these allegations is that they are made by his competitors in an effort to hurt his sales.

"This is nothing but a 'record label war' and the people supporting them are only helping to cause division," Wiegand once wrote on the racist Vanguard News Network message board about one of his critics.

Wiegand first delved into the world of Internet hate in 1996. That year, he started the White Pride Network at the Web address www.whitepride.com. Two years later, it evolved into Micetrap and the site became a major distributor of music in the movement.

Wiegand, who currently lives in New Jersey, was the manager of a convenience store at a Texaco gas station until he was fired after articles about Micetrap were printed in local newspapers.

In addition to Micetrap, Wiegand had at one time taken over the white supremacist 14 Words Press that was formerly run by imprisoned terrorist David Lane. But he sold the business after receiving a slew of negative publicity.

The Micetrap Web site currently sells CDs from groups such as Attack and H8Machine. Wiegand was a member of the National Alliance in 1999, but has since left the organization. After quitting the Alliance, he no longer sold music that came from the Alliance's Resistance Records label.