Alabama Candidate Attacks Jews (But Nazis Hate Him Anyway)

Into the Mainstream

Larry Darby, a prominent atheist and advocate of decriminalizing marijuana, never had much of a chance in his Democratic primary bid for attorney general of quintessentially conservative Alabama. He didn't help matters much by saying publicly that the Holocaust "never happened," the Voting Rights Act of 1965 should be repealed, and segregated schools for blacks and whites should be reinstated.

But Darby, who was repudiated by Alabama atheists and Democratic Party officials, apparently figured that if he couldn't find supporters in mainstream America, his newly revealed anti-Semitism and racism would surely bring him friends of a different sort. Briefly, he was adopted by some racist activists in the neo-Confederate world -- until they realized with a jolt that he was an atheist who despised Christianity. Then, on May 13, he tried again, appearing as a speaker at a Newark, N.J., gathering of the neo-Nazi National Vanguard also attended by former Klan leader David Duke and National Vanguard leader Kevin Strom. While there, Darby was photographed arm in arm with April Gaede, a long-time neo-Nazi activist and the mother of Lamb and Lynx Gaede, the 13-year-old twins who make up the infamous white power band, Prussian Blue.

Darby's national socialist honeymoon didn't last long.

Within days, he was in the thick of a heated debate on Stormfront, the country's leading white supremacist website forum, that played out in a thread entitled, "Larry Darby, come clear the air!" It turns out that Darby was once married to a woman of Chinese descent -- and that was not okay with his new neo-Nazi pals. Worse still, Darby admitted that he had fathered two biracial children.

As a chorus of white supremacists denounced the wannabe Nazi as a "race-mixer," Darby offered a plaintive defense. He loved his teenage daughters, he said, and anyway, "I have raised them to be White." They are intelligent girls, he added, and would make good allies for whites if treated fairly. "They know my position," Darby pleaded. "As they say, the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree."

The Stormfronters weren't buying any of it. "A white man who cannot keep his reproductive system away from an Asian woman is an embodiment of everything we are struggling against," one of Darby's former new friends wrote. "Sorry, Larry, this is a crime for which there is no absolution. It is a capital offense."

On June 6, Larry Darby lost his primary bid in Alabama.