Sons of Confederate Veterans Protest

Three hard-line members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans (SCV) heritage group traveled to a NASCAR race in Charlotte, N.C., to protest the racing association's recent moves to discourage the flying of the Confederate battle flag at races.

Steve Poteat (left), commander of the Rowan Rifles SCV camp in Salisbury, N.C., Eddie "Grooch" McRae, commander of the James-Younger Camp in Norwood, N.C., and Donnie "Porkchop" Hatley, a member of the James-Younger Camp, handed out "I support Confederate heritage" stickers outside the race track.

The three men are part of an extremist faction that has largely taken over the SCV in recent years -- a fact emphasized by the T-shirt worn by Hatley. The shirt depicts the cover of The Turner Diaries, a violently racist novel about a future race war that was written by neo-Nazi leader William Pierce and served as a blueprint for the Oklahoma City bombing.