'Grassroots Granny' Suggests Shooting Migrants

The Nativists

She may not be your typical hard-core nativist, but 68-year-old Jackie Juntti is no less vicious in her racist screeds against undocumented immigrants.

The self-described "Grassroots Granny" runs a website, an E-mail list and an online forum devoted to circulating articles on current issues, along with a generous helping of her own vitriol. Though the topics on her Washington Grassroots Email Network range from guns to government, her favorite by far is immigration. She rails against "ILLEGALS," whom she variously calls mice, fleas, leeches, uninvited invaders and enemy troops. Sometimes, she advocates shooting them.

"Dispatching the same number of Highly [sic] trained sharpshooters would accomplish much more" than prosecutors, she writes. "Once the word goes forth that all trespassers will be shot — you can bet that the number of invaders will slow WAAAAAAAAAAY down."

Elsewhere, her rhetoric turns scatalogical. "MESTIZO-INDIANS WIPE ANAL CAVITY OF FECAL MATTER WITH HANDS — START PICKING TOMATOES," screams the subject line of one E-mail.

"It is a long known fact that most foreign ag workers do NOT have the same personal hygiene habits of Americans," Juntti writes. "Squat and crap — then wipe with your hand is a practice over much of the world and when those folks come to the US to work they do not leave that habit at the border."

In a post to her forum, she manages to link an article on Hispanic teenage pregnancies to the Yearning for Zion (YFZ) ranch of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints (FLDS), which Texas state officials raided because they believed that men were taking underage girls as brides. "The lifestyle of the folks at YFZ RANCH was their *culture*," she wrote. "The life style of Mexicans — older men with young girls for sex is the Mexican Culture — so why the difference in how they are treated?"

Juntti also supports using racial profiling of Mexicans who are legal U.S. residents. "It is time that we take a much closer look at those of Mexican heritage (blood is thicker than water) when we hire them for positions that involves [sic] any immigration or law enforcement jobs."

Her ugly rhetoric isn't limited to Mexicans, however. Gay people are "perverts" and "sodomites." Blacks are "niggers." She frequently claims the populace is under the control of the "One World Order," which she defines as the "Anti-Christ."

Juntti was a longtime resident of Washington State. In the past few years, she appears to have lived in several different states, most recently Texas. She reveals little about herself on her website and didn't respond to two E-mails from the Intelligence Report seeking comment.

At least the world won't have to worry about Juntti seeking a more visible platform for her xenophobia. "Folks who know me know my opposition to women in political office and other positions of authority over the public in any way," she wrote. "That is NOT what the female of the species was created to do."