Nationalist Movement Rally

Jan. 21, 2008

Nationalist Party.

About 30 members and supporters of the Nationalist Party, a white supremacist group headed by Mississippi lawyer Richard Barrett, marched on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in Jena, La., the site of a march by more than 20,000 anti-racist protesters last Sept. 20. Chanting slogans like, "If it ain’t white, it ain’t right," the protesters held their "Jena Justice Day to Empower the Majority" to deride King and to protest the so-called "Jena 6," black teenagers subjected to harsh prosecutions for an attack on a white schoolmate.

Prior to the march, the Nationalists had threatened to come armed but backed off when the city agreed not to try to force the group to post a $10,000 security bond. Nonetheless, several did come bearing weapons and displaying nooses. The group met opposition from the black supremacist New Black Panther Party, one of whose members was arrested for battery of a police officer and resisting arrest, and an array of anti-racists, including many college students.