Racist Radio Show is Finally Flushed

Extremist Media

White nationalist James Edwards has ended his hate radio show, "The Political Cesspool," after more than three years on the air.

"It's been the thrill of a lifetime," he gushed in the E-mail to supporters titled "All Good Things Come to an End…."

Edwards cited his father's ill health and strain on his marriage as the main reasons for the abrupt shutdown on Feb. 15. His announcement came just two weeks after he proudly announced the syndication of his show through Dixie Broadcasting, an Internet radio outfit run by the chairman of the Georgia chapter of the League of the South, a neo-Confederate, white supremacist group. The show was broadcast on the Internet and by WLRM-AM for two hours every weeknight from a studio near Memphis, Tenn., where Edwards grew up and still lives.

Articulate and charming, Edwards had become a golden boy among white nationalists since founding "The Political Cesspool" in 2005. His show served as the primary radio nexus of hate in America. Its sponsors included the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens (CCC) and the Institute for Historical Review (IHR), a leading Holocaust denial organization. Its guest roster for 2007 reads like a "Who's Who" of the radical racist right: CCC leader Gordon Lee Baum; Holocaust denier and IHR chief Mark Weber; neo-Nazi activist April Gaede; and anti-Semitic professor Kevin MacDonald. The show's most frequent celebrity racist guest is former Klan leader and neo-Nazi David Duke, who has logged three appearances.

Though he won't be on the radio anymore, Edwards promised listeners he would continue to serve on the CCC's board and was contemplating an eventual run for public office. He also thanked many of the extremists who had been on his show as well as several hate groups that sponsored it. "In no way, shape or form have you heard the last from James Edwards as a European American activist," he assured listeners. "Similar to the Great White, I'd die if I were not contributing to the survival of our race."