Volksfront Althing.

Oregon-based Volksfront held its first annual "Althing" south of St. Louis, Mo., on land said to have been recently purchased by the racist skinhead gang. The Althing takes its name from the gatherings held by ancient Norsemen to deliberate on a wide variety of issues (and is also the name of the current Icelandic Parliament); today, many racist Odinists (of which Volksfront leader Randal Krager is one) and other neo-Pagans hold meetings under the same name.

The Volksfront event was held in the recently constructed Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall, which is named after the son of white supremacist Randy Weaver who was killed by federal agents in 1992. Three of those attending (top, left to right) were Del O'Conner, a British racist who moved to Dallas and started the TCB (Taking Care of Business) Hate Crew; David Lynch, a long-time racist skinhead who founded the American Front; and Michael Lawrence, a former Hammerskin and current Florida leader for Volksfront. A man known as "Big Red" drank mead from a drinking horn during the event.