On the Death of Millard Fuller

Millard Fuller, founder of the house-building nonprofit Habitat for Humanity, died today in Americus, Ga., after a sudden illness. He was 74. Fuller began his career in partnership with Morris Dees, who later founded the Southern Poverty Law Center. After finishing law school, Dees and Fuller established a law practice in Montgomery, Ala. They then created a successful publishing company before Fuller left to form what would become Habitat.

Millard Fuller and Morris Dees
Millard Fuller and Morris Dees
I am terribly saddened over Millard’s untimely death. We met at the University of Alabama over 50 years ago and went into business the next day. We thought so much alike that we would finish each other’s sentences.

He was always in the corner fighting for those less fortunate, who had few champions. He was a brilliant trial lawyer with a deep passion for justice.

Habitat for Humanity is one of the most successful charities in this country’s history and is one that gives everyone involved an opportunity to join hands for social and economic justice. Millard, with the help of his wife, Linda, accomplished a legacy that will live forever in the lives of those who obtained a decent, affordable home.

Millard, to quote an old blues song, "loved the life he lived and lived the life he loved."

- Morris Dees