Settlement agreements reached in a U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) lawsuit sparked by an SPLC investigation are an important step toward preventing east Mississippi children from being needlessly pushed out of school and into the justice system, the SPLC said today.

Our hearts go out to the victims and their families.  Black churches, including those in South Carolina, have been the targets of hate crimes throughout our country's history.  We know that they will remain resolute and their faith unshaken in the face of this tragedy.

An Alabama town will no longer use a for-profit probation company that threatened impoverished people with jail when they couldn’t pay traffic fines. The SPLC warned other cities that Judicial Correction Service’s tactics can amount extortion.

Florida’s Flagler County School Board adopted a wide-ranging plan today to eliminate racial disparities in school discipline – resolving a federal civil rights complaint the SPLC filed three years ago.

In McKinney, Texas, and across the country, the lines between actual crime and typical adolescent behavior have been blurred to the point where police in many areas seem to recognize no difference whatsoever.

A federal judge ruled in an SPLC case today that the Mississippi Department of Corrections is violating the Eighth Amendment rights of prisoners at Walnut Grove Correctional Facility by failing to protect them from violence by “gangs run amok.”

Almost 14 years after the 9/11 terror attacks sparked a violent backlash against American Muslims, anti-Muslim hatred is again on the rise as activists and politicians exploit atrocities committed by the Islamic State and other jihadists, according to the new issue of the SPLC’s Intelligence Report.

Similar policies in Florida declared unconstitutional after SPLC present demand.

South Carolina discriminates against aspiring college students by requiring U.S. citizens living there to pay the out-of-state tuition rate when they are unable to prove their parents’ lawful immigration status – an unconstitutional policy that can nearly triple the cost of college.

The U.S. Department of Justice has launched an investigation into the treatment of juveniles at the overcrowded Jefferson County Jail in Alabama a year after the SPLC urged the government to investigate the violence, neglect and abuse of children awaiting trial.