An Alabama student's school never evaluated him for special education services, even though his teachers and principals knew that he suffered from severe behavioral problems and that he lagged behind in his studies.

When Michael Austin was sent to an Alabama prison in 1995, he was subjected to a brutal practice from a bygone era — the prison chain gang.

The Southern Poverty Law Center today sued a Mississippi school district for violating the constitutional rights and derailing the promising academic and athletic career of a high school student over a tossed penny on a school bus.

Authorities near the East Texas town of Trinidad have been locked in a standoff with an antigovernment extremist and his family for almost 10 years, a stalemate that has raised the question of when it's worth risking bloodshed to enforce the law.

Schools struggling with student dropouts and discipline problems have an opportunity to tackle those issues with innovative programs funded by federal grant money, the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Dignity in Schools Campaign said today.

Reform project seeks to keep children in school, out of the juvenile justice system

Following SPLC's report, Return of the Militias, Mark Potok appeared on CNN to discuss the growing militia movement.

Earlier this year, we called upon CNN to remove Lou Dobbs from the air for trading in falsehoods and racist conspiracy theories. Tonight we are glad that Dobbs has announced his departure from his influential position at CNN.

Students at thousands of schools across the country will challenge social and racial boundaries through the simple act of taking a new seat in the cafeteria on Tuesday, Nov. 10, the eighth annual Mix It Up at Lunch Day.

Civil Rights Memorial's twentieth anniversary