A Mexican mother ordered by a judge to learn English or lose her parental rights returns to court Monday to fight for custody of her daughter.

After several twists, the Sons of Confederate Veterans is back in the hands of extremists. This time, it could be permanent.

Though hate groups are on the rise, the Center continues to monitor their activity.

National Alliance pamphlets were distributed in Tombstone and this predominantly Hispanic community just two days before the Minuteman Project got going on April 2.

The Association of Education Publishers announced nominations for EdPress Distinguished Achievement Awards, and Center publications garnered five.

Eric Rudolph pleaded guilty to four terrorist bombings during two separate federal court appearances Monday.

The America's Civil Rights Movement kit is inspiring children across the country.

Neo-Nazi hate group leader Matt Hale has received the maximum 40-year sentence for plotting to assassinate a federal judge in late 2002.

The governor of Mississippi on Friday signed a law seen as a milestone in efforts to change the way the state treats juvenile offenders.

Minuteman volunteers plan to conduct armed patrols to act as a "blocking force" against the "invasion" of undocumented immigrants from south of the border.