The SPLC would like to thank the many individuals who helped with this project, especially those who came forward to share their experiences with payday and title lending. We would also like to thank the churches and organizations that helped facilitate educational presentations and meetings with borrowers, especially Beulah Baptist Church, the Center for Fair Housing, Common Ground Montgomery, the Lovelady Center, Legal Services Alabama, and the Ordinary People Society.

Author: Sara Zampierin
Editor: Booth Gunter
Designer: Russell Estes
Photography: David Bundy, Valerie Downes, Russell Estes

Researchers: Tiffanie Agee, Jose Cardenas, Jacob Denney, Max Lesko, Natalie Lyons, James Meadows, John Pollock, Terri Sharpley, Dan Siegel, Jay Singh, Jackie Smiley, Christine Sun, Logan Talbot, Phillip Ward