Speak Up: Responding to Everyday Bigotry

What Can I Do About My Own Bias?

'I Found Myself Making Choices'

A woman is in a crowded movie theater. Unable to find enough side-by-side seats for her entire group, she finds herself looking for a seat alone:

"I found myself making choices of rejecting a seat based on who might be on either side of me — choices made about skin color, ethnicity, age, gender and so on. At some point, I realized what I was doing and made a conscious decision to choose my seat based on its distance from and orientation to the screen rather than on who I might be sitting next to."

Be self-critical. Save someone else the trouble of confronting you. Pay attention to your everyday actions; be conscious of how bias is affecting what you do — and what you don't do.

Change your behavior. When you catch yourself in a biased action, change course immediately, and learn the lesson for good.

Share your experiences. Be open with others about biased behavior. Let others hear what you've learned.