AIC* Americans for Immigration Control

ALT America’s Leadership Team for Long Range Population-Immigration-Resource   Planning

ASAP! Alliance for Stabilizing America’s Population

ATB Apply The Brakes

CAPS Californians for Population Stabilization

CCC* Council of Conservative Citizens

CCIR* California Coalition for Immigration Reform

CCN Carrying Capacity Network

CCSP California Coalition to Stabilize Population

CIS Center for Immigration Studies

CSMF Cordelia Scaife May Foundation

FAIR* Federation for American Immigration Reform

GS Groundswell Sierra

IRLI Immigration Reform Law Institute (legal arm of FAIR)

IWLA Izaak Walton League of America

NAS National Audubon Society

NPG Negative Population Growth


PEB Population-Environment Balance (initially, The Environmental Fund)

PF* Pioneer Fund

PFIR Progressives for Immigration Reform

SC Sierra Club

SM Starlight Media

SPLC Southern Poverty Law Center

SUSPS Sierrans for U.S. Population Stabilization

TSC* The Social Contract/The Social Contract Press

USE U.S. English

VDARE* Website named after Virginia Dare

WS Wilderness Society

ZPG Zero Population Growth (later, Population Connection)

* Listed as hate groups by the Southern Poverty Law Center



Roy Beck — Founder and executive director of NUSA

David Brower — Former executive director of the SC (d. 2000)

Philip Cafaro — Colorado State University philosophy professor, ATB member, member of PFIR board of advisors

Steven Camarota — Director of research at CIS

Barbara Coe — Founder and chairwoman of CCIR, self-described member of CCC

Morris Dees — Co-founder of the SPLC

Leah Durant — Executive director of PFIR, former FAIR attorney

Anne Ehrlich — Sponsor of defeated 1997 SC anti-immigration policy proposal

Paul Ehrlich — Stanford University professor of population studies, author of The Population Bomb, spouse of Anne

Bill Elder — Co-founder of ATB, former SUSPS chairman

Larry Fahn — Former president of SC (2003-2005)

Dave Foreman — Co-founder of Earth First!, member of a Sea Shepherd Conservation Society advisory board

Peter Gemma — TSC writer, former “media coordinator” for the Capital Region of CCC, former member of CCC editorial advisory board

Otis Graham — CIS board member, FAIR board of advisors member, former CIS executive director

Garrett Hardin — Former human ecology professor at University of California, Santa Barbara, former member of FAIR board (d. 2003)

Jerry Kammer — CIS senior research fellow, former journalist

Leon Kolankiewicz — PFIR board of advisors, co-creator of Sprawl City website, senior writing fellow and advisory board member of CAPS, writer for CIS, former member of CCN

Alan Kuper — SUSPS co-founder, founder of Comprehensive U.S. Sustainable Population, losing SC board of directors candidate in 2000, former associate professor of applied physics at Case Western Reserve, former FAIR board of advisors member (d. 2008)

Doug LaFollette — Former Wisconsin secretary of state, winning SC board of directors candidate in 2003

Richard Lamm — Member of PFIR board of advisors, former three-time governor of Colorado, losing SC board candidate in 2004, former FAIR board member

Wayne Lutton — Editor of TSC, member of editorial advisory board of the CCC, editorial advisor to the racist Occidental Quarterly, contributor to volume published by New Century Foundation and a member of that hate group’s board, former member of board of advisors of the Holocaust-denying Institute for Historical Review and writer for its journal

Frank Morris — Vice president of PFIR board of directors, FAIR board member, CIS board member, chairman of Diversity Alliance for a Sustainable America, former executive director of the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation, losing 2004 SC board candidate

Gaylord Nelson — Founder of Earth Day, former Wisconsin senator (d. 2005)

Rick Oltman — National media director for CAPS, former FAIR western regional representative, former chairman of Yes on 187 campaign

David Pimentel — Cornell University professor of entomology, member of PFIR board of advisors, member of CCN board, losing 2004 SC board candidate

Carl Pope — Former executive director of SC (1992-2010)

John Tanton — Founder of FAIR, FAIR board member, head of TSC, head of U.S. Inc. foundation, former ZPG president, former chair of the SC’s Population Committee, former head of USE

Joyce Tarnow — Member of FAIR board of advisors, former ZPG board member

Brenda Walker — VDARE contributor

Paul Watson — Founder and president of Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, losing 2000 SC board candidate, winning 2003 SC board candidate

Alan Weeden — Board member of FAIR, president of Weeden Foundation

Ben Zuckerman — University of California, Los Angeles, astronomy and physics professor, member of PFIR board of advisors, co-founder of SUSPS, vice president and former board member of CAPS