HB 56 Lawyer Response Program

In response to the implementation of Alabama’s HB 56, the harshest anti-immigrant state legislation in the country, the Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice, including the Southern Poverty Law Center, Appleseed Center for Law and Justice, Inc., and the American Civil Liberties Union of Alabama, have created a lawyer referral program to meet the needs the individuals and families who have been and who will be negatively impacted. Please join us in standing up for justice by becoming a member of this important volunteer lawyers program. Participating lawyers agree to provide pro bono legal services or lo bono services to the individuals who seek to utilize this program in accordance with the Alabama Rules of Professional Conduct (See Rule 6.1 Pro Bono Publico Service).

Your contact information will be included in our legal assistance directory to be shared with the individuals who seek assistance through the special toll free line that has been established to respond to the needs of the Latino and immigrant community members in Alabama. For more information, please call 334-956-8427.

Please provide your electronic signature and today's date.