Intelligence Report: Special Edition: Racist Skinheads - Understanding the Threat

Racist skinheads are among the most danger- ous radical-right threats facing law enforcement today. The products of a frequently violent and criminal subculture, these men and women, typ- ically imbued with neo-Nazi beliefs about Jews, blacks, homosexuals and others, are also noto- riously difficult to track. Organized into small, mobile “crews” or acting individually, skinheads tend to move around frequently and often with- out warning, even as they network and organize across regions. For law enforcement, this poses a particular problem in responding to crimes and conspiracies crossing multiple jurisdictions. As these extremists extend their reach across the country, it is vital that law enforcement officers who deal with them become familiar with the activities of skinheads nationwide.

What follows is an examination of the history and nature of the skinhead movement, prepared with the needs of law enforcement officers in mind, a glossary of common skinhead terms, a timeline, and a gallery of insignias and tattoos commonly used by racist skinheads.

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