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Extremists Use Countersurveillance Methods as Authorities Search for Eric Robert Rudolph
Intelligence Report » Spring 1998
Small, portable equipment is now being used by extremists to listen in on law enforcement communications.
Life of Olympics Bomber, Holocaust Denier Eric Robert Rudolph Examined in New Book
Intelligence Report » Winter 2007
A penetrating writer examines the life and motivations of serial bomber Eric Rudolph. Even for her, he's hard to figure out
Anti-Abortion Loyalists Continue to Support Eric Robert Rudolph
Intelligence Report » Summer 1998
As anti-abortion extremists cross over from rhetoric to violence, Report editor Mark Potok wonders if the rule of law is considered relevant to the public debate.
Eric Robert Rudolph and Other Antigovernment Fugitives Remain on the Run
Intelligence Report » Spring 1999
Many antigovernment fugitives remain free despite manhunts that have lasted years.
Deborah Rudolph Speaks Out About Her Former Brother-In-Law, Olympic Park Bomber Eric Robert Rudolph
Intelligence Report » Winter 2001
A former in-law, Deborah Rudolph, reveals in an interview that accused bomber Eric Rudolph was a long-time anti-Semite who sold marijuana for a living.
More Clinic Bombs Found
Intelligence Report » Fall 1998
Dynamite bombs found outside two North Carolina abortion clinics that had earlier been the targets of arson attacks were defused in October.
Rudolph Added to FBI's Most Wanted List
Intelligence Report » Spring 1998
Fugitive bombing suspect Eric Robert Rudolph has been added to the FBI's 'Ten Most Wanted List' and a $1 million award has been offered for his arrest, while the search continues.
Eric Rudolph, Unrepentant Bomber, Avoids Death Penalty
Intelligence Report » Summer 2005
Prosecutors in April approved a plea bargain with Eric Robert Rudolph for life without parole.
Eric Rudolph Charged in Bombings
Intelligence Report » Fall 1998
Eric Rudolph, suspect in a fatal clinic bombing in Birmingham, has been charged in the 1996 Olympic park bombing and two other Atlanta-area attacks in 1997.
Wife of Murdered Police Officer Robert ‘Sande’ Sanderson Discusses How Her Life Changed After Her Husband’s Death in Birmingham Clinic Bombing
Intelligence Report » Summer 1998
Felecia Sanderson, wife of murdered police officer Robert 'Sande' Sanderson, discusses how her life has changed after her husband's death in the Birmingham clinic bombing.
Exploring the Kehoe Family’s Christian Identity Background
Intelligence Report » Fall 1998
The Kehoe family was steeped in racist, anti-Semitic Christian Identity ideology, which may have contributed to the Kehoes' crime spree.
Eric Rudolph, At Last
Intelligence Report » Summer 2003
Fugitive Eric Rudolph, accused bomber and radical right Butch Cassidy, is finally captured; more on how radical right ideas permeate the mainstream in this issue of the Intelligence Report.
Prison Food Stinks, Says Oklahoma City Conspirator
Intelligence Report » Fall 2009
Nichols demands that prison officials be forced to provide him with a high-fiber diet that includes whole grains along with fresh vegetables and fruit daily.
New Book by Henry Schuster Recounts Search for Olympic Bombing Suspect Eric Rudolph
Intelligence Report » Spring 2005
In Hunting Eric Rudolph, a journalist and a retired cop detail the Rudolph case while also taking law enforcement to task.
Thirty Terror Plots Foiled Since Oklahoma City Bombing
Intelligence Report » Summer 2001
Since the Oklahoma City bombing, almost 30 right-wing terrorist plots — most of them foiled — have been uncovered in the United States.