Diz Here Lyrics

“Diz here”
by The Three Musketeers

[Diz here]
Ya worst nightmare.
Don’t stay here

Outside wit ya family
And ain’t no girls here

HCJDC fear don’t stay here
[Diz here] JDC fear
Ain’t nice here

Can we live
Let’s keep it real
Some know the deal
Lock up ain’t the way to live
[but diz here]

Darkness up in the cell
It feel like hell
Hearing voices and seeing shit
Shit I was scared

Stay in school 
Go by the rules
And keep it cool
And keep it smoove
You know wat to do
Don’t play hooky dude

Cuz dis drama is really cruel
They’ll thrash you
In a minute
Or maybe two

Permissible allowed to do
what you achieve
and be the best that you can do
anything is true 
since my grandma done lost her life
I wanna get right
HCJDC bruh dis shit ain’t the life

[Diz here]

Verse 2:
I’m chillin
Done get it twisted
Diz aint da business
Are you robbing?
you can’t be killing
stop all dat stealing

da better time
instead of being
in a cell
enclosed in mind
takin orders now

you got the officers that treat you wrong [stupid lil bustaz]
the judge who won’t send you home

I repp & thugging
But I’m hungry
And the food aint done,
When the food get done you lookin’ stupid
Dey don’t feed enough [dat’s dat mickey stuff]

Neglected, straightforward, aniticpate
The wrong doing, intense emotion
In dem cells
What da guars doin? [rude]

Dey in dat staff room
Laughin at ya
Residents steady actin on em
We [lock down] in the cell
23 hours on’em

Let’s put this fear in ya
Heart like it’s ya phobia (r u scared)
Ya mama want you home bruh
Don’t push away from her

You, on the streets you doin wrong
Some popel spare ya life
Some people lenienit but some
Other folks they take ya life [lord]