This is LIfe Lyrics

This is life, so let me tell you how it is, This is life, so let me tell you how it is, This is life, so let me tell you how it is, Grown folks' problems in the thoughts of little kids (2x)

the pain's getting deeper, i mean deeper nightmares giving me night scares, stepping on this world all alone, nobody there, so I'm on my own but Lord hear me, I need you by my side, they ask me do I cry, only cause Im still alive but this world want me dead I lay my head in a bed thats made from a grave, I thank the Lord i aint dead, but my time's coming, dont wanna die, but if I gotta go tell my momma dont cry even though my girl diss me she'll miss me sitting back looking at my world as it turns, looking at my city as it burns its nothing I can do theres no self division So I live my life there's no today


Wake up in the morning to a city that is violent unnecessary killing sprees seeing on the news little kids dying, mothers still grieving haters want to beef for the wrong reasons

I'm sharp like samurai swords, we splitting in the streets homie we go hard you see can us everywhere in the city, we just that deep the police say we rats, homie they trickin, minds is what they lack they need to do they jobs, to serve and protect and get it off our backs But you know we aint never gonna stop we like the great waterfalls you know what Im saying dog its all said and done when they battle is won Only weapon they use is the goddamn gun Ooops I mean that black pistol you know the thing they use instead of their knuckles when they run in to trouble they pull it out asap on the double faster than a spaceship breaking into the universe hubble But you know its just that simple


This is the life that we living every day and night but I gotta change my life cause Im tired of all the crime in the streets at night but I gotta paint a picture of the violence thats hurtin me in my very own city Im tired of it, waking up to the sounds of gunshots in the middle of the night alot my friends dying and im tired of the crime Plus young kids getting life behind bars over nonsense

Teenagers go to war cause they feel like they bionic and the multi gun shots down here, they wanna play sonic But it goes away like a comic and its never chronic but until the days gettin crazier then they see the vomit And the world stay on pace so you cant rewind or fast forward Funny how they think they bad with gun on the dashboard thinkin they a bad boy talkin on the last droid but while they on the phone bullets comin like a asteroid know when that happen, everybody gets curious except for the people thats poppin guns, gettin serious, never delirious of the people thats gettin furious but little do they know, people watching, acting mysterious and the density of the the bullets shells increasing immensely but its not exciting cause visually intensity mentally taking energy from the history thats comprehensively using sensory skills, that’ll lead em to the penitentiary essentially