One of the most critical elements to the Campaign for Guest Worker Justice is for you to get involved. Please call your Senator or Representative to demand justice for guest workers in the immigration reform bill. 

Find your Senator's contact information by clicking here.

Find your Representative's contact information by clicking here.

Momentum is growing to fix our country’s broken immigration system.  With regard to future foreign worker programs, immigration reform should create fair and safe systems that work now and work in 20 years.  As such immigration reform should not bar the courthouse door to the guest workers who U.S. employers bring in to work in their factories and fields.  All low-wage workers, including guest workers on visas, should be given access to the lawyers who protect the poor, i.e., legal aid.  Finally, internationally recruited guest workers should not enter this country burdened by heavy debts they incurred to pay fees to foreign labor contractors in order to get a job.  Protecting guest workers protects human rights, and it also protects American workers’ access to jobs, creates a level playing field, and promotes fair competition. 

 "Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am calling to strongly urge Senator / Representative [NAME OF SENATOR OR REPRESENTATIVE] to SUPPORT guest workers being eligible for legal aid, having access to federal courts, and keeping regulations on foreign labor contractors.  I am a U.S. worker and importing guest workers who can’t protect their rights is unfair to them and harms U.S. workers’ access to jobs too."