J.P, a youth previously held at the Polk County Jail testified Nov. 18 about the first time he was pepper sprayed by one of Judd's officers -- while being attacked by several kids just two days after entering the facility: "It was like no pain I ever felt before. Like pouring gasoline on someone an setting them afire. The pain was excruciating... I was scared. I didn't know what was happening, if I was gonna react to it or get sick." Ignored by guards afterwards, JP was eventually given a tip by another youth on how to deal with the after effects of the spray.

Captain Kimberly Marcum, facility commander at the Polk County Jail gave testimony on the routine use of pepper spray to control movements of youth in custody. Captain Marcum confirmed an incident where the chemical was used to break up a pillow fight between four children. She further testified regarding an incident where deputies used an electric shock shield on a juvenile for refusing to stand and have his photo taken.

Holding cages

Suicide-safe garment, or the Turtle Suit

View from inside the holding cage

The feeding slot of an isolation cell

The view from an isolation cell

Inside an isolation cell

Distance from cement "bed" to toilet in isolation cell

Line of sight issues (dayroom to cell)

Line of sight issues: View from guard's desk

Line of sight issues: View from guard's desk

Line of sight issues: View from guard's desk

Line of sight issues: from top tier

Line of sight issues: From top corner to guard's desk



View from guard's desk

Time-out area (formerly a holding cage)

New "penalty box" holding cell (view from inside)

New "penalty box" holding cell