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Canvassers and Callers

In some communities, you might see The Southern Poverty Law Center’s dedicated canvassers going door-to-door to raise awareness of our mission and ask people to become monthly donors to help us in our fight for racial justice. 

This type of fundraising is partly how we gather support and reach donors who might not otherwise become engaged in our important work. If you see us out in your community, please feel free to say hello and ask how you can help us change the world through our monthly giving program!

We are proud to partner with Public Outreach and Grassroots Team. These organizations specialize in this type of fundraising and help us create authentic, meaningful conversations on doorsteps across the country. The Southern Poverty Law Center works with its vendors together to thoroughly train and oversee each canvasser to ensure safety for all involved. Our canvassers are experts in what we do and are working hard every day to support our mission. You can recognize our canvassers by their branded identification tags.

For the safety and best interest of donors and our team, canvassers will not accept cash donations. Instead, they carry a tablet with encrypted payment software that safely moves all data to a secure, remote server for ongoing monthly donations. Canvassers will never ask for cash or coin donations.

The Southern Poverty Law Center conducts outreach by phone with the help of partners, including DV Canvass, SD & A and Telefund. All phone calls will come from Montgomery, Alabama.