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November 21, 2005

The real number of hate crimes in the United States is more than 15 times higher than FBI statistics reflect, according to a stunning new government report.

Features and Stories
November 02, 2005

In the days after Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks died, educators contacted the Center voicing their appreciation for Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks.

Features and Stories
October 27, 2005

Through a special letter-writing campaign, Teaching Tolerance's supporters thank educators for their anti-bias efforts in schools.

Features and Stories
October 25, 2005

The mother of the Civil Rights Movement has died. Her dignified defiance in the face of segregation helped this nation understand the power of nonviolent protest to create a more just world.

Features and Stories
September 20, 2005

Across the radical right, the hurricane and its aftermath were used to demean and dehumanize blacks. White supremacists reveled in the misery of black victims in ways that were sometimes astounding.