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Founded in 2000 under a different name by the former Klan leader and notorious neo-Nazi David Duke, the European-American Unity and Rights Organization (EURO) claims to fight for "White Civil Rights" for "European and Americans Wherever They May Live."

Beyond hosting a website,, and staging an occasional conference, EURO is a paper tiger, serving primarily as a vehicle to publicize Duke's writing and sell his books.

In Its Own Words

"The Jewish media and Jews in general will attack us for wanting to restore White America. The Jews are the enemy of the White race, and they are largely responsible for the ‘browning' of America. The Jews want to rule over a multi-racial brown America that is too ignorant to ever rebel against them."
— Jeff Davis,, Aug. 17, 2000

"So, the unvarnished truth is that we suffered the terror of September 11 because of our support of the criminal policies of Israel. We have let our country be controlled by a foreign lobby that has worked against the best interests of the American people. Israel has time and again proven it is not really our friend. It has conducted covert terrorist activities against America such as the Lavon affair in Egypt. It has deliberately attacked the USS Liberty with unmarked fighters and torpedo boats causing 174 American casualties in an attempt to blame Egypt and garner American support during the war of 1967. It has spied on us and stolen our greatest secrets, such as in the Jonathan Pollard affair. It has sold secret American technologies to the Communist Chinese. It has stolen nuclear materials from the United States. It has tricked America into bombing other nations such as in the attack on Libya in 1986. I could go on and on about Israel's treachery against America."
— David Duke, 2001 essay

"The beautiful Germany of the 1930s with blonde children happily running through every village has been replaced with a multi-racial cesspool. Out of work Africans can be seen shuffling along the same streets, which used to be clean and safe in the days of the National Socialists. One day, people in Germany will grow tired of the politically correct police state that is destroying their lives. They will recover their national pride and start speaking the truth about their past regardless of what the militant lesbians or thought police tell them."
— Ian Mosley,, Oct. 30, 2007


In January of 2000, David Duke announced that he was creating a new organization to help protect the rights and heritage of European Americans. The group, NOFEAR (the National Organization for European American Rights), was modeled on civil rights groups like the NAACP and the National Council of La Raza and meant to fight against what Duke argued was widespread discrimination against whites by minorities. Duke told reporters in 2000 that white people in America were facing a "genocide," and wrote in letter to the Shreveport Times that European Americans were "internally displaced people" deserving of refugee status and government protection. In 2001, a lawsuit was filed against Duke for trademark infringement by No Fear Inc., a sportswear company. To avoid legal action, Duke changed the name of his organization to EURO.

EURO's founder had far more serious problems with the law. An investigation of Duke for mail fraud prompted a federal raid on his two-story house in Mandeville, La. On Nov. 16, 2000, federal agents carted away 22 boxes of papers, computer discs, credit card records and other documents. At the time, Duke was in Russia on his fourth visit. From a safe distance, Duke insisted on his innocence. "Make no mistake about it," he wrote in a NOFEAR newsletter, "this probe is nothing more than a political assassination on the part of government officials who are seeking to silence my voice on our European heritage and rights." In the meantime, Duke said, he was moving to Moscow "to struggle against people of other colors and Jews." It is clear that Duke understood perfectly that he was in trouble back home. That's why he spent the next two years traveling in Russia and throughout Europe giving speeches and hobnobbing with other extremists. Overall, Duke sought to give the impression that he was devoted to building a transnational white rights movement. The reality, however, was that Duke spent most of his time selling books, meeting privately with prominent extremists, and giving paid talks.

By late 2002, Duke's attorney was negotiating a plea agreement for his client, who had grown tired of being a nationalist without a nation. When news of the plea became public, Bruce "Vince" Breeding, an important figure in the National Alliance and by then the national director of EURO, said Duke was pleading because he would surely lose in court at the hands of a mostly black jury. EURO communiqués painted the group's founder as "a living martyr for our cause."

On Dec. 14, Duke pleaded guilty to one count of mail fraud — raising money under false pretenses that was later spent on personal investments or lost at the craps tables in three states — and another of making false statements on his tax return by vastly understating his 1998 income. Under terms of the plea agreement, signed by Duke, his lawyer and Assistant U.S. Attorney Carter Guice, he was sentenced to one-and-a-half years in federal prison in 2003.

While Duke was incarcerated, Breeding continued to run EURO, posting entries by noted white supremacists on its website and carrying on Duke's efforts to rescue white people from the alleged depravity of the Jews and other minority groups. Yet, as a 2003 Intelligence Report exposé revealed, Breeding was simultaneously running a New Orleans-based porn site, the now defunct, while producing a companion adult magazine, Xsite. Given the straight-arrow reputation of the National Alliance and Duke's pretensions to being a sophisticated intellectual, Breeding's sleazy side job proved to be embarrassing for the movement. (It didn't help that his magazine advertised an escort service specializing in women of color, a definite no-no for neo-Nazis.) In late 2003, Breeding quit his job as the national director of EURO. Fifty-four-year-old Kenny Knight, a former leader in Duke's National Association for the Advancement of White People and a member of the Council of Conservative Citizens hate group, was named Breeding's successor.

Over the 2004 Memorial Day weekend, Duke was welcomed back from his stay in prison with a well-attended racist unity conference in Louisiana, co-sponsored by EURO and several other hate groups including the National Alliance, the Council of Conservative Citizens and the Holocaust-denying Barnes Review. Several white-supremacist leaders signed Duke's "New Orleans Protocol," a set of principles "pledging adherents to a pan-European outlook" — and, ironically enough, to "honorable and ethical behavior." An estimated 67,000 racists from around the world logged onto EURO's website for a simulcast of the main festivities.

In recent years, EURO has accomplished little. Its website still posts articles decrying the fate of white people in America and calls for "Equal Rights for Whites" and the "Preservation of Our European-American Heritage." But it mostly serves as a link to Duke's own site,, where visitors can view his articles, listen to his radio programs, and buy his merchandise.

In 2008, EURO did add one arrow to its quiver. While announcing plans to hold another conference, this time in Memphis, the group also noted that Ed Fields, the aged and longtime segregationist, had quit publishing his newspaper, The Thunderbolt, and joined up with Duke. Duke's newsletter said that the move would double both the size of EURO and the number of subscribers to The Duke Report.