Anthony Pierpont

Anthony Pierpont was for years a racist music entrepreneur. The business he developed, Minnesota-based Panzerfaust Records, was, for a time, a major racist music supplier and innovator. Pierpont was forced out of the white supremacist world in 2005 after his Mexican ancestry was made public.

About Anthony Pierpont

In His Own Words
"It is their [Nazi soldiers'] flag we hold now as we march into the future."
— On the mission of Panzerfaust Records in 2000

"Panzerfaust Records is committed to doing its best in providing the audio ordnance needed by our comrades on the front lines of today's racial Struggle."
— Panzerfaust website in 2004

"[The racist skinhead movement] is a bunch of monkeys drinking beer. …With [National Alliance founder William] Pierce, [Aryan Nations founder Richard] Butler and myself gone, there's nothing of substance left. It's dead. … I have more respect for a person of color than some finger-pointing Nazi."
— October 2006 interview with the Intelligence Report 

Anthony Pierpont was for years a racist music entrepreneur. The business he developed, Minnesota-based Panzerfaust Records, was, for a time, a major racist music supplier and innovator. For example, Panzerfaust brought to the U.S. from Germany the idea of distributing free samplers of hate music to juveniles. Pierpont was forced out of the white supremacist world in 2005 after his Mexican ancestry and other racial transgressions were made public, and has spent much of his time since then mocking and denigrating his former colleagues in the movement.

In a subculture that glorifies blond hair and blue eyes, Anthony Pierpont's black hair, brown eyes, and coffee-with-cream complexion were a constant source of rumors among racist skinheads. The founder of hate rock music company Panzerfaust Records, the whispered stories went, just might not be of pure Aryan stock.

Money talks, however, and from the time Pierpont launched Panzerfaust in September 1998 to compete with the National Alliance subsidiary Resistance Records until he was drummed out of the scene in 2005 following a cocaine bust and the publication of a birth certificate proving his mother was Mexican, the financial backing Pierpont delivered to skinhead music festivals spoke louder than widespread doubts about his true ethnicity.

A shrewd entrepreneur, Pierpont started up Panzerfaust Records as a joint venture with former Resistance Records employee Eric Davidson. The label took its name from a handheld antitank weapon used by German soldiers during World War II (Panzerfaust translates as "armored fist").

Bryant Cecchini (alias Byron Calvert) later replaced Davidson as Pierpont's partner in Panzerfaust. Like Davidson, Cecchini had worked for Resistance earlier. Together, Cecchini and Pierpont earned the respect of many racist skinheads and challenged the dominance of Resistance Records in the hate-rock industry. Business picked up rapidly in 2002 after the Intelligence Report published secret remarks by the late National Alliance founder William Pierce mocking racist skinheads as "freaks and weaklings." As a result, many racist skins boycotted Resistance and gave their business to Panzerfaust instead. According to Calvert, Panzerfaust's business doubled between 2002 and 2004.

At its peak, Panzerfaust's catalog included recordings by more than 300 white-power bands from the United States and Europe. It also helped sponsor festivals organized by major skinhead groups like Hammerskin Nation and Volksfront. 

The company's most ambitious and in-your-face endeavor, "Project Schoolyard USA," sought to deliver 100,000 Panzerfaust sampler CDs to students at middle and high schools nationwide. By late 2004, the label claimed to have unloaded 50,000 of the CDs on white youths. "We don't just entertain racist kids," Pierpont boasted during the campaign, which drew enormous publicity. "We create them." 

Pierpont's downfall began on Nov. 30, 2004, when the Minnesota Gang Strike Force raided his home and arrested him for possession of small amounts of marijuana and cocaine. Shortly thereafter, Cecchini announced publicly that he'd found a series of tawdry online messages from Pierpont boasting about Pierpont's sexual escapades with non-white prostitutes during a "sex tour" of Thailand. Then, in early 2005, the Intelligence Report published a reproduction of Pierpont's birth certificate, which showed that Pierpont's mother, Maria Macola del Prado, was born in Mexico. The Report also published a photo of Pierpont taken in a California state prison yard in the mid-1990s, while Pierpont was serving time on a narcotics conviction. In the photograph, Pierpont is posing alongside prison inmates who appear to be close friends and — a clear transgression in the world of "Aryans" — Latino.

Cecchini and Panzerfaust's webmaster both immediately severed ties with Panzerfaust and Pierpont. Within weeks, the Panzerfaust website had been replaced by the website of Free Your Mind Productions, a new hate rock company founded by Cecchini, who declared that any contact with his former partner should be viewed by fellow skinheads as "an act of treason."

In 2006, Pierpont launched a new website which seemed to taunt his former skinhead customers by celebrating his "living the good life," presumably on his Panzerfaust profits. On the site, Pierpont boasted of enjoying martinis in his penthouse and, in the words of a favorite Pierpont song, "Hangin' out in Acapulco, drinkin' rum and sniffin' co-co." "The site is a way for me to share my life, and stick a middle finger up at those beer-drinking bozos [in the white power movement]," Pierpont told the Report. "Good living is the best revenge." In late 2009, Pierpont was featured as CEO on Del Prado Global Partners website, a company which "develops and finances business ventures in the coffee and hotel and restaurant management verticals."


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