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  • Reported August 21, 2012
    Rochester, Minnesota
    A white man allegedly yelled racial slurs and threatened a Somali woman in a grocery store parking lot, then attempted to hit her with his car.
  • Reported August 19, 2012
    Staten Island, New York
    Packages of uncooked bacon were strewn around a park where hundreds of Muslims were celebrating Ramadan.
  • Reported August 17, 2012
    Redding, California
    Anti-gay graffiti was written on a gay man's residence.
  • Reported August 16, 2012
    Coral Springs, Florida
    A swastika and two pentagrams were painted on a bus belonging to a synagogue.
  • Reported August 14, 2012
    Legal Developments
    Cape Girardeau, Missouri
    A gay woman was allegedly attacked at her home by a 17-year-old girl who yelled anti-gay slurs. Mercedes Ayers was charged with a hate crime and burglary.
  • Reported August 12, 2012
    Alameda, California
    Swastikas were scrawled on several cars in a neighborhood. David Desruisseau, 34, was arrested on suspicion of vandalism, stalking and committing a hate crime.
  • Reported August 11, 2012
    St. Paul, Minnesota
    A car window was smashed by a golf ball with a gay slur written on it. The car was parked at a church that was celebrating an openly gay pastor.
  • Reported August 10, 2012
    Sacramento, California
    A man was allegedly called anti-gay epithets by four men and then beaten by one of them outside a light rail train stop.
  • Reported August 09, 2012
    Omaha, Nebraska
    A racist message about a black Congressional candidate was spray- painted on a garage door. Martha Dewitt, 78, was cited for destruction of property.
  • Reported August 06, 2012
    Joplin, Missouri
    A mosque was set afire.
  • Reported August 06, 2012
    New York, New York
    A man was allegedly punched by another man who used an anti-gay slur.
  • Reported August 03, 2012
    Hayward, California
    Four teens, ages 13 to 16, were arrested on suspicion of defacing property and a hate crime for allegedly throwing lemons at a local mosque, striking at least one person.
  • Reported August 02, 2012
    Monroe, Connecticut
    A group of four white teens in a car allegedly yelled racial slurs at a black man and threw a milkshake at him.
  • Reported August 01, 2012
    Beacon Hill, Washington
    At least three people were allegedly attacked by a man who yelled racist slurs. Eric Gibbs, 37, was charged with committing a hate crime.
  • Reported July 31, 2012
    Belleville, Illinois
    Codie M. Engelke, 18, was charged with one count of burglary, one count of criminal damage to property and one count of hate crime after he allegedly vandalized a church and wrote a racial epithet inside.
  • Reported July 30, 2012
    Port St. Joe, Florida
    Walton Henry Butler, a 59-year- old white man, allegedly shot a black man in the head after the man confronted Butler about racial remarks Butler reportedly made to black children in their apartment complex. Butler, who allegedly used a racial epithet to describe the victim to police, was charged with attempted murder with a hate crime enhancement.
  • Reported July 27, 2012
    Crawfordville, Florida
    A swastika and racist symbols and remarks were painted inside a church that was vandalized.
  • Reported July 25, 2012
    Arkana, Arkansas
    The words `White Power,` the letters `KKK` and anti-religious graffiti were spray-painted inside a church.