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Racist Murderer Linked to McVeigh

White supremacist and alleged murderer Chevie Kehoe may have been linked with Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh.

Four days after white supremacist Cheyne Kehoe, 21, was convicted in January of the attempted murder of an Ohio police officer, the story broke that his brother may have been associated with Timothy McVeigh and known in advance of the Oklahoma City bombing.

The (Spokane, Wash.) Spokesman-Review quoted an unnamed Spokane area motel manager as saying that Chevie Kehoe, 24, stayed in The Shadows Motel a few months before the attack and introduced him to a man named "Tim" who the manager believes was McVeigh.

The manager said the older Kehoe showed up 45 minutes before the April 19. 1995, bombing and asked to watch CNN. Kehoe allegedly was ecstatic when the bomb went off.

Chevie Kehoe's legal troubles are just beginning. In December, a federal indictmentment charged him and another man with murder, racketeering and conspiracy; he's also been charged with murder in an Arkansas court.

Four months after a February 1997 shootout with police, Cheyne Kehoe turned his brother in because he allegedly was planning to murder their father. After the latest reports broke, the FBI said it was investigating Chevie Kehoe's links to McVeigh.