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Drugs and the Right

Johnny Bangerter, the neo-Nazi Utah Skinhead on one of several television news specials goes to jail once again.

Most of those who have known Johnny Bangerter — and even many of the millions who saw the neo-Nazi Utah Skinhead on one of several television news specials — concluded long ago that the man seemed positively wired. Now, it's nearly official.

Bangerter, his wife, brother and another woman were arrested on drug charges in early February at Bangerter's home near St. George, Utah. Bangerter, 30, and the others were held for alleged possession of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia.

Six children in the home — a ramshackle affair with no electricity beyond an extension cord from a neighbor's house — were placed in their grandparents' custody.

Bangerter, who once vowed to lead his Army of Israel band of Skinheads in a takeover of Zion National Park, was serving 36 months' probation when he was arrested.

He was on probation for failing to respond to police commands, reckless driving and interfering with legal arrest by ramming a police car. The officers were pursuing Bangerter to force him to face charges in an earlier illegal weapons case.

Awaiting further developments, Johnny Bangerter will now spend his days in a special kind of purgatory — the Purgatory Correctional Facility in St. George.