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National Alliance Weighs University Recruiting Plan

The neo-Nazi National Alliance considers recruiting at universities to bring in more 'quality' people.

The neo-Nazi National Alliance has always sought "a higher class of person" than your garden-variety hater. For years, the group has boasted of the doctors, engineers and other white-collar professionals found among its ranks, and it is headed up by a man who is himself a former university physics professor.

Now, some Alliance members are discussing a plan to blanket colleges and universities with racist and anti-Semitic propaganda in a bid to keep the "quality" people coming in.

"One of my greatest activities in college," an Alliance enthusiast who calls himself "White Devil" wrote in a Net posting recently, "was those midnight to 2 am [outings] where we threw National Alliance leaflets in people's driveways."

For "Ludwig Sterling," the elite status of the university students could be a boon: "Traditionally," he writes, "many fraternities are from the upper middle class and upper class. I am sure NA's fundraising would not be hurt by adding some millionaire kids to the operation."

Billy Roper, who is the Alliance's membership coordinator, started the dialogue by proposing to "bulk purchase copies of Resistance magazine, which is youth-oriented and appeals to white college students, and send them to the fraternities and sororities of as many Universities and colleges as possible."

Resistance magazine, published by the Alliance, focuses exclusively on racist "white power" music and bands worldwide.

Roper hopes that Resistance will up his recruiting numbers. "The more radical the material we put out, the more quickly we distinguish the salvagables from the lemmings," he wrote in arguing for his plan. "With this age group the more radical the material we put out, the more buzz we create and the cooler it becomes."

"A fraternity that should be given priority is Kappa Alpha Order," adds "George." "They use the confederate battle flag as symbol of southern heritage, and Robert E. Lee is their example of a true southern gentleman."

Ludwig, referencing the runic alphabet used by medieval Germanic peoples as well as the "life rune" that the National Alliance uses as its symbol, has reduced Roper's plan to a simple enough aphorism: "The Greek alphabet guys are going to be visited by the Rhunic [sic] alphabet guys."