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Overheard, Summer 2006

Quotes from Janet Parshall, Ann Coulter, Brian James...

"When two people of the same sex get together and … adopt children … what you have in many respects is state-sanctioned child abuse."

-- Janet Parshall, host of Salem Radio Network's "Janet Parshall's America," on the Jan. 17 edition of CNN's "Larry King Live"

"When they stop flying planes into our buildings, I'll stop calling them r-------.'"

-- Universal Press Syndicate columnist Ann Coulter, discussing Muslims in a Feb. 10 speech to the Conservative Political Action Committee annual conference in Washington, D.C.

"What we will do is randomly pick one night every week where we will kill whoever crosses the border. Step over there and you die. … That's what I'd like to see."

-- Fill-in host Brian James, speaking on March 8 on Phoenix's KFYI-AM in remarks that caused Arizona's attorney general and a U.S. attorney to file an FCC complaint

"I rise today to pay tribute to a fellow Tennessean… . Sam Francis … was a brilliant and brave writer."

-- U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr. (R-Tenn.), in a March 8 speech on the House floor lauding the late Sam Francis, chief editor for the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens

"Where do we store 11 million Hispanics [while] waiting to ship 'em back…? The Superdome! … And the Astrodome in Houston."

-- Neal Boortz, host of Cox Radio Syndication's "The Neal Boortz Show," on the March 27 edition of his show

"The Durham [N.C.] dirt-bag case … [involves] a drunken s--- stripping w---- accusing men of raping her… . This is all the product of the out-of-control lesbian feminist movement."

-- Michael Savage, discussing a black woman's rape allegations against white Duke University lacrosse team members on Talk Radio Network's April 17 edition of "The Savage Nation"

"Shoot him."

-- Nashville radio host Phil Valentine, on what should be done with a would-be illegal border crosser caught for the "eighth" time, in an April 27 public forum broadcast by WTN-AM

"It is no accident they chose May 1… . It is the worldwide day of commemorative demonstrations by various socialist, communist and even anarchic organizations."

-- Lou Dobbs, host of CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight," commenting on his May 1 show about the timing of major immigrant-led demonstrations against various anti-immigration proposals