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Homeless Paper in Canada Peddles Hate

Victor Fletcher, who edits and publishes the anti-Semitic, conspiracy-mongering Toronto Street News, sells to the homeless for a small fee, who then sell the paper for $2 at street corners.

An Ontario man has enlisted the homeless to help him peddle hate propaganda.

Victor Fletcher, who edits and publishes the anti-Semitic, conspiracy-mongering Toronto Street News, distributes his newspaper to the homeless for a small fee, Canada's National Post reported. They, in turn, sell it for $2 at street corners throughout the city.

While the paper — which the National Post reported sells some 4,000 copies every two weeks — claims on its website to "work very hard to help the community, especially the homeless, abused and impoverished," its contents tell a different story. It recently featured articles claiming that a Liberal Party member of Parliament had changed his name so that people wouldn't know he was Jewish and that the prime minister secretly shares a birthday with Adolf Hitler. "I have the rare luxury of sounding off any way I want," Fletcher told the National Post. "I'm just amazed that people go out there and buy it."

But Fletcher hasn't gotten away with everything. After the Canadian Jewish Congress (CJC) complained to police, Fletcher apologized for a story by the notorious American bigot Hal Turner that called for the killing of all "jew bankers." The CJC also has filed a human rights complaint against one of the paper's columnists, Henry Makow, who described Jews as a cancer.

Fletcher, a former watchmaker's apprentice who later worked for a Canadian weapons manufacturer, began publishing the Street News nearly a decade ago. He eventually had a life-changing epiphany in which he said he realized that the world is run by Zionists and Masons. "I can't walk down the street without the Masonic thing all over me, you know?" he told the National Post. "They control 680 News [a Canadian news radio station]."

But the Street News may not be a fixture in Toronto for much longer. Fletcher told the National Post in August that he had diagnosed himself with bowel cancer and would likely die within a few months. He said the publication of Street News would end with his demise.