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National Socialist Movement Cleans Highway

Two dozen members gathered to clean their section of a highway.

About two dozen members of the National Socialist Movement (NSM), currently the country's largest neo-Nazi group with 69 chapters in 30 states, gathered for a series of activities that began with a Saturday cleanup of a section of highway the group had taken responsibility for under Missouri's Adopt-A-Highway program. Although NSM members had done little in the way of highway cleanup before, this time they had the media along and studiously worked for a brief interval while the cameras rolled. Later on that day, members went bowling — in large part, as NSM officials reported later, to "give the media a chance to film our family interactions." The next day was the NSM Springfield Unit regular meeting, where the press was welcomed once again. Talks were given by NSM officials including Commander Jeff Schoep, Women's Division Director Ami Bostwick, Viking Youth leader Christina Drake, Missouri state leader Steven Boswell, and Springfield Unit leader Cynthia Keene.