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White Supremacist Slammed by Son Online

Transnational White Supremacist Slammed By Son Online

South African white supremacist Arthur Kemp may cringe whenever he turns on his computer these days. Kemp, a key player in both the far-right British National Party (BNP) and the U.S. neo-Nazi group National Alliance, has become the target of two ongoing Internet campaigns, one by his South African son and ex-wife, the other by American neo-Nazi leader Tom Metzger.

It began last September, when Kemp's 16-year-old son, Stephan Kemp, described his dad as a "racist ass" on the United Kingdom anti-racist blog Lancaster United. "I remember almost every night when we would ask for a bedtime story … he would instead tell us stories about how the white race was all supreme," Stephan Kemp wrote in the first of several harsh posts.

This spring, Kemp's ex-wife, Karen Mills, piled on by circulating E-mails to her ex-husband detailing his unfaithfulness and many shortcomings as a father. "You have no idea how bitter, resentful and hurt the children are," Mills wrote in one E-mail. "I suspect that will be forever. … You have always alienated everyone that you come into contact with. Look at all the right wing groups in SA [South Africa] and the U.S. which are also posting ugly things about you."

Metzger is posting ugly things about Kemp as part of a larger attack on the BNP, whose leaders, including Kemp, angered Metzger by declaring their party to be non-racist and toning down their anti-Semitism prior to June elections in England. "Since you are changing attitudes on Israel and the Jews and declaring yourself not to be racist you have become an enemy not a friend," Metzger declared.

Although Kemp has not publicly responded to his ex-wife and son, he was quick to fire back at Metzger with an open letter posted to a BNP website that contained more than a bit of truth: "The American pro-white politicians (and this includes you) have utterly failed to make any impact at all on the political process precisely because they have always been mired in a necrophilia-type obsession with Nazi Germany and the Civil War."