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For The Record

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources.

Incidents of apparent hate crimes and hate group activities listed here are drawn primarily from media sources. These incidents include only a fraction of the almost 260,000 reported and unreported hate crimes that a 2012 Bureau of Justice Statistics report estimated occur annually. This listing carries a selection of incidents between August and December of 2015. Any additional listings can be found here.


Cullman County · Dec. 5, 2015
Klan flyers were distributed across the county in an attempt to recruit members to work against the spread of Islam.


Jonesboro · Dec. 12, 2015
Flyers depicting swastikas and other Nazi imagery were placed in mailboxes. They also denounced the mayor and a member of the Jonesboro police force.


Buena Park · Dec. 14, 2015
A Sikh temple was vandalized.

San Bernardino · Dec. 2, 2015
Two Islamic extremists, Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik, killed 14 people and injured 21 after opening fire at the Inland Regional Center during a Christmas party for the health department.

Tracy · Dec. 29, 2015
A Molotov cocktail involving a wine bottle containing a rag and accelerant was thrown at a mosque.


Colorado Springs · Nov. 27, 2015
Robert Lewis Dear, 57, opened fire in a Planned Parenthood building, killing three people.


Bloomington · Oct. 19, 2015
Ticeten Bickford, 19, was arrested for assaulting a Muslim woman. Bickford attacked the 47-year-old woman and attempted to pull off her headscarf, restricting her breathing.

Henry County · Oct. 1, 2015
Ku Klux Klan flyers in gravel-filled plastic bags were distributed in several driveways.


Jacksonville · Nov. 23, 2015
Ku Klux Klan flyers with anti- LGBT and anti-immigrant messages were distributed.

Palm Beach · Dec. 4, 2015
Joshua Warren Killets, 27, was found by authorities to have intentionally selected the Islamic Center of Palm Beach for an attack.


Villa Rica · Nov. 24, 2015
Ku Klux Klan recruitment flyers were distributed in driveways.


Twin Falls · Dec. 5, 2015
The words “Hunt Camp” were spray-painted on plywood covering the windows of the Twin Falls Islamic Center. The term is thought to refer to Japanese internment camps created during WWII.


Willowbrook · Dec. 16, 2015
A 17-year-old pleaded guilty to punching 53-year-old Inderjit Mukker, whom the teenager believed was Muslim.


Lexington · Dec. 1, 2015
The Islamic Center of Lexington received a phone threat.


Minneapolis · Nov. 24, 2015
Four men espousing white supremacist ideology were arrested for shooting five members of a Black Lives Matter protest.


Blue Springs · Nov. 12, 2015
Connor B. Stottlemyre, 19, a Northwest Missouri State University freshman, was charged with two counts of making a terrorist threat. He threatened on social media to shoot black students.

St. Louis · Nov. 12, 2015
Tyler Bradenberg, 19, was charged with a felony count of making terrorist threats aimed specifically toward African Americans at the Missouri University of Science and Technology.


Omaha · Oct. 29, 2015
A security camera recorded an image of a masked man unsuccessfully trying to break the glass of a door at the Omaha Islamic Center.


Lyndhurst · Oct. 22, 2015
Flyers advising recipients to join the Ku Klux Klan were distributed in neighborhoods.


Albany · Dec. 17, 2015
Eric Feight, 57, pleaded guilty for his role in a 2014 plot to use an ‘X-ray machine’ to kill Muslims. He was sentenced to eight years.

Brooklyn · Nov. 20, 2015
A postal worker spit on two Muslim women walking with a child.

New York · Dec. 6, 2015
A teen knocked over and smashed a menorah in a park near Gracie Mansion on the first night of Hanukkah. Shortly after the menorah was put back up, the teen returned to the park and destroyed it again.

Patchogue · Dec. 26, 2015
Racist leaflets were placed on cars parked at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital.


Granite Quarry · Dec. 23, 2015
The East Coast Knights of the True Invisible Empire placed flyers in multiple locations.

Marshall County · Dec. 18, 2015
The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan distributed flyers tucked into small plastic bags.


Eaton · Dec. 1, 2015
Ku Klux Klan flyers were distributed at homes.


Portland · Nov. 20 2015
A student from Rwanda at Lewis & Clark College was assaulted on campus by three white men yelling racial slurs. He was hit, held down and forced to swallow an unknown liquid.


Allentown · Oct. 22, 2015
Samuel Negron Jr., 46, was charged with using racial slurs, assaulting a man with a stick and pulling a gun on him.

Lancaster · Nov. 30, 2015
A black Franklin & Marshall College student received racist phone messages and his apartment was ransacked. The incidents are being investigated as potential hate crimes.

Pittsburgh · Nov. 30, 2015
A man shot a 38-year-old taxi driver from Morocco in the upper back because he assumed the man was involved with the terrorist group Islamic State.


Providence · Oct. 15, 2015
Anti-Semitic and racist flyers, along with 15 small packets of an unknown substance, were left in a neighborhood.


Walterboro · Oct. 24, 2015
Ku Klux Klan flyers were left in driveways and mailboxes.


Plano · Dec. 7, 2015
A Muslim family had large rocks thrown into their windows twice, shortly after moving into a new neighborhood.


Salt Lake City · Dec. 14, 2015
Two businesses owned by Middle Easterners were spray-painted with slurs.


Burlington · Oct. 31, 2015
Ku Klux Klan posters were placed on doors.

Burlington · Oct. 31, 2015
Two men, Cameron Cappella, 18, and Derrik Demone, 18, were charged with vandalizing a mosque.


Bellingham · Nov. 30, 2015
A 19-year-old student at Western Washington University was arrested and jailed on suspicion of felony malicious harassment involving racist threats