Former Rock Promoter Launches New Minuteman Group

[Shawna] Forde, 39, a peppy, blond, former Seattle grunge-rock promoter with her very own Minuteperson group (Minutemen American Defense), [said] that in two years illegals would "outnumber real Americans." Fluency in Spanish would be rewarded, if not required, in the workplace. Forde said, "I was in my mall one day and, hey—nobody's speaking English. I realized we had a serious problem. I just got tired of pushing '1 for English.' I decided to do something about it."
Forde is running her Everett City Council campaign on an anti-immigration platform: She hopes to pass local ordinances against hiring and renting to illegals. "I'm through with people who don't belong in my country and who tax my system." […]

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