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Neo-Nazi Leader Investigated for Allegedly Intimidating Juror

Federal agents, digging for possible evidence to charge neo-Nazi provocateur Bill White with threatening a juror, have seized computer modems, servers and other equipment from a Roanoke, Va., apartment where his website is based.

The website,, has been shut down since the FBI served a search warrant on the apartment on Saturday.

The search warrant affidavit states that agents were looking for electronic files, including Web pages, E-mail messages and instant messaging chat sessions “that may contain all evidence of the crime of threatening Hale Juror A, or … any other data that shows an intent to intimidate or injure persons whose personal information has been posted in the same manner as Hale Juror A.”

White heads the American Nationalist Socialist Workers Party and lives in Roanoke. Last month, he posted on his website the name, photo, home address and three phone numbers of what he called a “Gay, Jewish anti-racist” juror he claimed was instrumental in convicting Matt Hale, then-leader of the neo-Nazi World Church of the Creator (WCOTC), of soliciting the murder of a federal judge. White even posted the name of the juror’s cat.

Hale was sentenced in 2005 to 40 years in prison for plotting to kill U.S. District Court Judge Joan Humphrey Lefkow, who had ruled against WCOTC in a copyright infringement case.

White did not advocate violence against the juror. But he wrote that the juror “played a key role in convicting Hale.” He has said that a federal grand jury is investigating him over the matter.

White has previously posted contact information on his website about others who have incurred his wrath, including syndicated newspaper columnist Leonard Pitts and Mark Potok, director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project and editor of this blog.

Always bombastic, White announced plans last month for a magazine cover with presidential candidate Barack Obama seen through the crosshairs of a swastika-shaped rifle sight and the headline, “Kill This Nigger?”

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