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'End Time Watchman' Puts 'New World Order' On Notice

Meet Mr. End Time Watchman, a gun-waving, violence-threatening, conspiracy-theorizing gent in a white cowboy hat who makes videos in his garage. In this video, he lacks the voice to convey menace the way Clint Eastwood did as Dirty Harry, but he gives it his best: “Are you feeling lucky, New World Order?” he asks, waving an immense handgun. “I’m gonna shove this .50-caliber up your nose.”

So be warned, all of you who are part of the New World Order. When you come to take his guns away, he’s waiting for you. His rant lasts for more than five minutes in this particular video, and at the end there are links to some of his other masterpieces. They’re at once funny and scary, with some emphasis on the latter, because the sentiments he expresses are those making the rounds in right-wing extremist circles these days.

And as the Southern Poverty Law Center reported recently, there are clear signs of a revival of the virulently anti-government "Patriot" movement of the 1990s — paramilitary militias, tax defiers, "sovereign citizens" and the like — united in their determination to oppose President Obama and the socialistic troops of the “New World Order.”

Mr. End Time Watchman is one of their spokesmen.

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