Paranoia: Now It's a Game

Conspiracy theorists and aspiring domestic terrorists now have their very own online game. It’s called “Obama’s Coup Fails,” and it is the centerpiece of a new online site called United States of Earth.

The year is 2011. President Obama has outlawed private gun ownership, dissolved the Constitution and set in motion a plan to join with Canada and Mexico in the “North American Union.”

Patriots to the barricades! Players in the game fight the Second American Revolution as militia commanders, training and amassing troops with the goal of capturing Obama and his evil allies.

Crooks and Liars, the liberal political blog, has posted this how-to-play video on YouTube., a blog about the politics of computer and video games, provides a fairly level-headed assessment of the game here (Scroll down to Oct. 16 posts).

Our capsule review: Pretty creepy.