Columnist on White Nationalist Website Appears on Fox News

A columnist for the white nationalist website VDARE appeared as a guest on Fox News this week.

As Media Matters reported, Allan Wall, a longtime VDARE contributor, spoke with Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy on Monday about immigration. Doocy introduced Wall as a U.S. citizen who lived in Mexico for 17 years while teaching English. At the end of the interview, Doocy mentioned that Wall writes for VDARE but failed to provide any information about the website.

In fact, VDARE features articles by extremists such as Jared Taylor, editor of the racist American Renaissance magazine; Kevin MacDonald, a psychology professor at California State University, Long Beach, who argues that Jews are genetically driven to undermine the power of whites; and the late Sam Francis, who edited the newspaper of the white supremacist Council of Conservative Citizens. Founded in 1999, VDARE raised about $53,000 from donors during an emergency appeal this spring after a major foundation cut off its funding.

Wall’s columns are preoccupied with what he sees as a Hispanic takeover of America. “If present population trends continue, within about three decades, the historical White, English-speaking majority will no longer be the majority, due to mass immigration and the high birthrate of U.S. Hispanics,” he wrote in a March 23, 2009, column. “As a people, we never directly chose this destiny, nor were we even asked about it. But we’re expected to pay for it, and be happy about it, as our nation is transformed into part of Latin America before our very eyes.”

He complained in a Feb. 1, 2007, column that “inter-governmental agreements are moving us closer to some sort of North American Union” — a conspiracy theory popular among nativist extremists. “Today our leaders apparently see no problem in merging us with Mexico, despite the differences between our societies,” Wall wrote.

Recently, he has portrayed as anti-American all who criticize the new Arizona law targeting undocumented immigrants, a law that the SPLC believes will lead to the racial profiling of Latinos. “Anybody who opposes SB 1070 is supporting illegal immigration — and the abolition of America,” he wrote on April 27.

Wall suggests that Hispanic critics of the law, in particular, are somehow disloyal. “Even rich, successful Hispanics, and organized Republican Hispanics, are attacking Arizona’s attempt to protect its own people from illegal immigration,” he wrote. “Don’t these vocal Hispanics, insofar as they self-identify as such, betray a deep-seated resentment of our country?”

Likewise, Wall asserted in an Oct. 21, 2009, column that astronaut Jose Hernandez “clearly does not identify with the United States of America, but with Mexico.” He called Hernandez, the U.S.-born son of migrant farm workers, an “anchor baby astronaut.”

Wall appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss his reaction to Mexican President Filipe Calderon’s criticism last week of the Arizona law. (He thought it was “way out of order” given Mexico’s tough immigration policy.) It’s not the first time that Fox & Friends has used dubious sources while discussing the Arizona law. Last month, the show cited the purported number of murders committed by undocumented immigrants annually. As it turned out, the figure was almost certainly inaccurate; it originated with Human Events contributor Mac Johnson, who based it solely on the murder rates in immigrants’ home countries.