News Roundup for July 28, 2011

The judge of the trial of alleged Spokane MLK Day bomber Kevin W. Harpham has ruled that details of his anti-Semitic views are inadmissible as evidence. Harpham, 37, is charged with allegedly planting a backpack full of explosives on the route of the Spokane MLK Day parade, which was found before it could be detonated. Harpham was affiliated with the neo-Nazi National Alliance, and had posted messages on extremist websites.

A Utah prisoner with white supremacist ties is planning to marry a mixed-race woman as proof of his not being racist. Curtis Allgier, 31, is accused of shooting a prison guard as he escorted Allgier to a medical facility and escaping from prison. Allgier, who is covered with white supremacist tattoos, says his marriage to the woman proves that his connections are not indicative of his true beliefs.

An attorney for members of the Alaska Peacemaker Militia on trial for conspiracy to commit murder is disputing the validity of the evidence against his clients in the face of a possible gag order. Tim Dooley is questioning photographic and audio evidence that links his clients to weapons and plans to kill and capture state officials. He is also questioning the credibility of a federal witness to the plot. The prosecution is seeking to prevent Dooley from speaking to the press about the evidence or his view of the trial.

A second person has been charged with a hate crime in the July assault of a Pakistani woman in Niagara Falls, N.Y. Sheree Ann Saboteur, 38, was arrested for her role in harassing and beating the victim because of her ethnicity.