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News Roundup for August 16, 2011

Four self-described white supremacists in Houston have been arrested for brutally beating a black man at a bus stop. The Harris County district attorney is receiving criticism for not charging the men, members of the Aryan Brotherhood, with a hate crime.

An Arizona man implicated in the home-invasion murder of a Latino man and his daughter has been sentenced to two life terms in prison, one without parole. Albert Gaxiola was convicted for his role in the murder of Brisenia and Raul Flores in a robbery designed to fund the anti-immigrant Minuteman American Defense organization.

Police in Oklahoma are searching for a militiaman accused of raping a 7-year-old family member. Charles Dyer, a former Marine and online figure known as the “July 4 Patriot,” missed a court hearing on Monday and then sent an E-mail to his attorney stating that if he is not heard from in 90 days, he is dead. A nationwide manhunt is now under way for Dyer.

A man implicated in a potential hate crime committed on Friday in Santa Barbara has turned himself in. Ryan Christopher Zietlow-Brown was arrested and charged with attempted murder for stabbing an African-American man with a pair of scissors as he walked down the street with a white man.

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