News Roundup for August 29, 2011

Federal jurors convicted an alleged militia member from Parma, Ohio, of illegally possessing firearms and submitting false forms to the Internal Revenue Service. Karl Herrington, 59, was found guilty in a Detroit federal court of two counts of corruptly endeavoring to obstruct the administration of the IRS, and one count each of filing false tax forms and being a felon in possession of firearms. Herrington’s wife, Jeanne, is currently in a Michigan prison and will do time in federal prison for similar offenses.

A Maryland teenager secretly arrested by the FBI for allegedly conspiring with the woman from the Philadelphia suburbs known as Jihad Jane also spoke of a Columbine-style plot with a Pittsburgh-area friend, Emerson Begolly, in a jihadist chat room. Begolly, a former neo-Nazi from New Bethlehem, Pa., has pleaded guilty to using the chat room to solicit terrorists to use explosives and propane tanks to target police stations and railways.

Former Your Black Muslim Bakery leader Yusuf Bey IV and associate Antoine Mackey were sentenced to life in prison without parole for killing journalist Chauncey Bailey and two other men in 2007. Bey IV is due back in court next month to set a trial date for a separate case in which he is charged with killing two women and torturing one of them in a failed attempt to learn where a drug dealer hid money.

Five teens were arrested and charged after a shot was fired outside of an Orleans County, N.Y. mosque Monday night as worshipers were leaving nightly Ramadan services. According to members of the mosque in Waterport, they had been repeatedly harassed since the mosque was founded in 1974. Things escalated last Monday night after prayer services, when a speeding vehicle allegedly swerved directly into a group of worshipers and a shot was allegedly fired from the vehicle before the car sped away.