Alaska Militia Supporter Arrested at Canadian Border

A fifth person – a 53-year-old woman who appears enthralled with the antigovernment sovereign citizen movement – has been arrested in the ongoing investigation of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia.

Mary Ann Morgan, a resident of Kenai, Alaska, was arrested as she attempted to enter Canada at Beaver Creek in Yukon Territory with a firearm in her Chevy pickup, court documents say. The Canadian Border Security Agency turned her and the .32 caliber Beretta handgun over to U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents.

Morgan is now in custody, charged in U.S. District Court in Fairbanks with being a felon in possession of a firearm. She was convicted in 2001 of felony custodial interference and, as a felon, can’t legally possess firearms. A detention hearing is set for Friday. Court documents don’t disclose why Morgan was leaving Alaska.

Before her arrest, Morgan was an outspoken supporter of Francis Schaeffer Cox, the 27-year-old leader of the Peacemakers Militia. He remains in federal custody, charged with being the mastermind in a so-called “241” plot to kidnap and kill state troopers and a judge.

Morgan – and other antigovernment activists from the State of Washington -- reportedly served on a common law court jury that acquitted Cox of all charges after his arrest in March. Morgan bills herself as a champion of the Constitution, denouncing the federal government and President Obama. She also appears to regularly post comments on an Alaska militia web site.

“I was feeling a whole lot of lost until I started meeting militia members,’’ according to an Oct. 15 posting by “Mary Morgan.” She went on to say she was thrilled to be involved with “others who are like minded and courageous, who can think for themselves and who challenge the government’s BS.”

“I can’t help but wonder how my life would have been better if I had known militia members in my earlier years!’’ Morgan said in the posting.

Earlier this summer while doing sewer repairs on her home, Morgan was arrested for an unpaid ticket. She proudly detailed on the militia web site how her work clothes stunk up the arresting officer’s patrol car.

“After this arrest, (the) arresting cop needed a shower and had to clean his car out,’’ she wrote.  “So we figured he was off the streets for at least two hours.” “Got a free ride in a cop car, free shower, and the best part was we knew said cop was unable to return back to arresting any other unsuspecting terrorist for at least several hours. Absolutely wonderful!!!!” Morgan wrote.

She added: “So from now on we plan on having some powerful spray within reach at all times. Anybody know where we can buy a can of sewer smell, or bear smell, or vomit smell, or skunk smell?”

Morgan’s most recent arrest has brought comment from Norm Olson, a former Michigan militia leader who moved to Alaska several years ago. The Alaska militia commander described Morgan as a “political activist known within Alaska’s militia movement.”

She’s “an outspoken person with real true grit – a loudmouth,’’ he told the Alaska Dispatch. On the militia’s web forum, Olson boasted on Tuesday: “I crossed (into) Canada with 20-plus rifles, 9 handguns, 6,000 rounds of loaded ammo, 2000 bullets, 50,000 primers, and 200 pounds of powder. You can do it if you know how, when, and where.”

In another posting Tuesday, Olson said Mary Morgan “is one of Schaeffer Cox's strongest supporters and advocates of his cause and message. You can expect that the Joint Terrorism Task Force will create a link very soon.” The militia leader added: “Y'all be sensible out there.  If the federals are dragging their nets, don't thoughtlessly swim into their range.”