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Neo-Nazi Bill White: U.S. is a ‘Demonic Dream’

Bill White, the Virginia neo-Nazi and convicted felon who was arrested in Mexico earlier this month and faces federal charges of violating the terms of his supervised release, appears to have suffered some kind of mental breakdown.

In a series of letters to supporters and federal authorities, the notorious Internet gossip, who was released in April 2011 after spending more than two years in prison on multiple charges of threatening enemies through intimidating phone calls and Internet postings, wrote that the United States is a “demonic dream,” and that he has broken free of its hold.

White has been in federal custody since his June 8 arrest in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Last week, according to Roanoke’s WDB7, he sent a letter to federal authorities claiming that, while in prison, he was given drugs that led him to communicate “with beings that … allowed [him] to explore certain hidden and obscured aspects of human experience.”

The court and proceedings against him aren’t real, he wrote – and neither is he. “[T]here is no white supremacist William A White … I cannot be William White because William White does not exist.”

Similar themes run through a June 17 letter posted yesterday by the anonymous blogger who runs a fan site covering the “political persecution of white activist Bill White.” Explaining that he had experienced “terrible nightmares” since his time in prison and that he had remained in these dream states long after waking, White claimed in the letter to have “discovered … that these nightmare images were really projections into my mind of the dreamscape of a demonic being.”

“Beneath the United States, a serpent lies dreaming. Its children – the Jews and reptiles and their cult – do its work. But the whole is but a figment of the monster’s imagination,” he wrote.

Realizing this, he said, the only “rational” thing to do was to leave the “dreamworld” entirely. “As a suspected, ‘reality’ broke down as I approached the borders of the so-called United States,” he wrote. “I do not truly believe that I physically traveled anywhere – the ‘physicality’ of things is just a means of experiencing a change in psychic state. I got free of the mind of the evil being in Washington and, briefly, of all evil beings.”

Though “the serpent drug me back,” he wrote, mentally, he is permanently free of its clutches. “I can see that in its dreamings, who [sic] lack the confidence and power they once had.

“I am not William White because William White is an illusion,” he continued. “One could say he was created by the government to distract the people from the poverty and misery of failed America, but, on a metaphysical level, he was dreamed into being by these demons for a purpose. No longer subject to this demonic dream, I can no longer be White.”

White, who became a neo-Nazi around 2000 after flirting with far-left ideology, claims to have become a “utopian anarchist” in junior high school. In a newsletter he ran as a high school student, he railed against juvenile psychiatry, writing later that he had been subjected to a series of psychiatric tests as a youth in which he routinely scored high for paranoia and aggressiveness.

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